Is it possible to save a marriage alone and stop a divorce? As unbelievable as it sounds. Yes it is.

For centuries it was and is a common thing to go to a marriage counselor to try to save a marriage. For this both partners have to work together and follow the advice of the counselor. According to the newest studies less then 50% of those conventional couple therapies are successful, which is a sad fact.

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Why is this so? Going to a marriage counselor is like going to a psychiatrist, in most cases every little negative thing will be chewed on and chewed on. There is nothing exciting about saving a marriage this way. On the other hand, when only one of the partners starts to save a marriage, without the other even knowing about it, there are some really good strategies to save the marriage alone.

The spouse that wants to save the marriage alone begins to change his/her mindset and applies the strategies. The other half of the equation will notice the change in the mindset and will start to change as well. This is how the whole universe works, if you expect scarcity you will get scarcity. If you expect a successful marriage and work on it the chances are high that you will just get that.

Did you know that the success rate of these methods is more than 80%? That means it is more successful then the established partner therapy method.

Isn’t that exciting? You just discovered that you can save your marriage if you want to. That you can change your spouse if you change yourself and your attitude towards your relationship.

So what is the best way to start saving your marriage alone? How do you change your mindset, where do you get the guidance to stop your divorce? Even though you now know the rough outlines on what you have to do, you still are not an expert and you will most likely fail if you do it on your own.

You need the an expert marriage guide, a professional that teaches exactly what you need to know. Don’t wait for your marriage to get divorced. Don’t wait for your dreams and hopes that you both had for this relationship to die if you want to save your marriage and stop the divorce.

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