A Guide To Saving My Marriage

Picture the scenario. A husband and wife meet up at the end of a long workday. They sit down on the couch, tired, and almost immediately begin to bicker and fight over trivial details. Soon, the argument escalates into something more, about past events or about ongoing issues. Before they know it, they have left each other in a huff to be alone, frustrated at yet another difficult day in the married life. Sound familiar? This situation is very common today, and with the divorce rate as high as it is, the prognosis for marriage does not look good.

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Marriage is a chore and a duty, one that can be very aggravating. It can also be very fulfilling though, if both partners can get along with each other. If you do not believe that it can be done, and are having doubts about your own marriage, then please read the following story and judge for yourself:

“My name is Kathy. I am 38 years old and have been married to my husband, Mike, for 7 years. I married my first husband in college at the age of 21, and it was a disaster. We fought on and off for years, over big issues and little ones, until finally we decided to call it quits four years later. I was 25 then. I basically had given up on saving my marriage then because I was scared by how incompatible two people could be. That is why I wanted to get out. I started dating on and off, met a few nice guys, but nothing really serious developed until I was 29, when I met Mike.

When we met, I was a teacher and Mike was an advertising agent. We hit it off right away and dated seriously until we got married 7 years ago. At first, like with my first marriage, it was wonderful. Saving my marriage was never an issue because there weren’t any major problems between us. But soon Mike was switched to corporate sales, and he started being away for long periods of time. This took a direct toll on us and started impacting our marriage, to the point where I had to start thinking about saving my marriage from yet another divorce.

I was lost and confused and didn’t know how I could start saving my marriage. I was almost at wit’s end until I met Charles, my marriage counselor. Me and Mike began going to see Charles once a week. In his office, both me and Mike could vent our frustrations – me about him being gone; him about me not supporting his work. There were a lot of unspoken things that we had kept silent that needed to be released, and once they were, Charles helped us to develop communication strategies that really let us be open and frank with each other.

Mike eventually took a job that did not require as much traveling, and I started being more supportive of his career. This would not have been possible without Charles’s help in saving my marriage. We have been going strong for 4 years after that and I couldn’t be happier.”

Reading Kathy’s story, you may have noticed similarities between it and your own life. They grew apart because of distance, but really, it could be anything – especially what is dividing you right now. What made it better? Seeking professional help. This is why you should seek out a qualified marriage counselor. This story should let you see that marriage counseling really does work and often is the only way to start saving your marriage successfully.

So, if you have not done so already, make an appointment with a marriage counselor of buy a proven step by step guide to save your marriage and get to the bottom of your problems today. I think that you will not be disappointed.

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